Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ENG 10 04/12-04/16

Monday 04/12:
Check out Macbeth
QW: Write about a time when you have felt empowered. (1/2 pg)
HW: What Makes A Man / Woman Essay due tomorrow. USE MLA FORMAT!!! See links for more details!!!!

Tuesday 04/13:
QW: Choose one to respond to in 1/2 pg
A. Do you believe there are people who can predict the future?? Explain and give examples.
B. Do you believe that people or fundamentally amoral? Explain and give examples.

Read Macbeth 1.1 - 1.3

Wed 04/14:
Finish 1.1-1.3
HW: (1 full pg or 1/2 pg typed) Write a letter from Macbeth's perspective to his wife explaining the incidents that happened to him.

Thursday 04/15 and Friday 04/16:
Macbeth Expert Group Assignment
Computer Lab research time
Presentations Monday only!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

CA LIt 03/22 - 03/26

* Creative Expression Projects Due
* Assign Research Paper

Tuesday: (Shortened Schedule- Open House)
* Discuss Ch. 4 POH
HW: Read Ch 5

* Discuss Ch 5- Quiz
HW: Read Ch. 6

* CH 6 QW- 1 pg (A Childhood Game, or an Experience at Disneyland / Theme Park)
Abstract Due (see link in assignments / Handouts)

*Discussion of Dreams / Realities in POH
Over Break- Research paper!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

CA Lit 02/22-02/26

MONDAY 01/22:
"Women and the Beat Generation"
Guest Speaker- Karen Radford
Read Ch 16-17

TUES 01/23:
Ch 16-17 Discussion
Read Ch 18-21

WED 01/24:
Iconoclast Clip- Sean Penn and John Krakauer
Read Ch 18-21

THUR 01/25:
Dharma Bums Quiz

FRI 01/26:
Into the Wild

Friday, February 19, 2010

English 10 02/16- 02/19

TUESDAY 02/16:
Secret Life of Bees Ch. 1 Discussion
* Civil Rights Research Project Group Assignment- Due Monday 02/22
*Handout on Epigraphs- to be completed prior to reading each chapter
*Honeycomb Assignment

HW: Read Ch. 2 pgs 34-49

WED 02/17:
Secret Life of Bees- finish reading ch. 2

HW: Poetry selection for recitation due tomorrow
Reading Quiz ch 1-2 tomorrow

THU 02/18:
Computer lab- research for group presentation

FRIDAY 02/19:
Film Clip

HW: Read Ch 3
Research Projects due Monday
Secret Life of Bees Vocab

Sunday, January 24, 2010

CA Lit. 01/19- 01/22
TUES 01/19: Workshop final essay
WED 01/20: East of Eden film
THUR 01/21: East of Eden film
FRI. 01/22: East of Eden film and discussion HW: Essay due Monday, 01/25. You must bring a printed copy to class and submit final essay to turnitin.com

ENG 10 01/19- 01/22
TUES 01/19: Part III F451 Group Work
WED 01/20: Part III F451 Group Work
THU 01/21: Part III F451 Group Work
FRI 01/22: F451 Part III Quiz, Discuss final essay to be written in class Thursday during class.

Friday, January 8, 2010

CA Lit. 01/04-01/08
MON: East of Eden final paper discussion
HW: Final Quiz Friday

TUES: East of Eden part IV discussion

WED: East of Eden part IV discussion cont. (Barraza)

THUR: College Advisors Financial Aid Info

FRI: East of Eden final quiz
ENG. 10 01/04- 01/08
MON: F451 Part I Review. Return Catcher Essays. Sign up for mandatory writing conferences during lunch.
HW: Read pgs. 71-81 F451, Part I Quiz Tomorrow

TUES: F451 Part I Quiz
HW: Read Pgs 81-91

WED: F451 Part I discussion
HW: Read pgs 91-110

TH: F452 discussion cont.
HW: finish Part II

FRI: 1950's film clips
HW: Finish part II Quiz Monday