Thursday, December 17, 2009

ENG 10 12/14- 12/18

Mon. 12/14: F451 Vocab part II
HW: Read pgs 20-40 for tomorrow, Vocab Quiz Wed.

Tues. 12/15: F451 Quiz / QW: Why does Bradbury preface his book with the quote, "When someone gives you lined paper, write the other way."? (1 pg)

Wed. 12/16: Vocab. Quiz part II- Read pgs. 40-68 by Friday, F451 Reading Quiz Friday

TH. 12/17: Writing Lab, Outside Reading Assign. #2: MLA FORMAT!!!
1. Choose one quote from the first part of your book. Copy the quote at the top of your paper. 2. First Paragraph: Explain the textual significance of the quote. Why is this important to what is happening in the text? Be sure to introduce main characters, main idea, plot, etc. How does it connect to central themes we have discussed while reading F451? How does it connect with controversial themes that may lead to censorship of the text?
3. Second Paragraph: Make experiential connections to this quote and what you have read thus far in your outside reading. How can you relate to main characters or central themes? Does this remind you of any personal experiences or other texts, films, music, etc that you have encountered? Explain these connections clearly.
4. Submit your assignment to turnitincom

HW: Finish Part I of F451: QUIZ TOMORROW!!!!

Fri. 12/18: F451 Quiz and Holiday Celebration
HW: (Over Break) Outside Reading Book!!!!

CA Lit 12/14- 12/18

Mon. 12/14: Finish Part III Discussion, Read Ch 39-40

Tues. 12/15: Discuss Part IV, QW: Steinbeck's Prophecy #3 (1 full page response. Please include the quotation at the beginning of your QW)

Wed. 12/16: (early dismissal- short periods) Found Poetry Assignment on one East of Eden character. Must be at least ten lines.

TH. 12/17: Distribution of Cal Lit Trip Info and East of Eden Term Paper Assignment.

Fri. 12/17: Holiday Community Celebration

HW: Over break-
**Finish East of Eden (email Gaspy as soon as you finish :) )
**CA Field Work #4- due Monday, Jan. 4th
**Choose a topic for your term paper.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

CA Lit. 12/7-12/11

MON 12/07: East of Eden Silent Discussion
- HW: Family member profile due Wed (1-3 pgs typed)

TUES 12/08: East of Eden ch. 25-29
-HW: Ch 30-31

WED 12/09: Family Member Profiles due, East of Eden ch.30-31
-HW: Ch. 32-33

THUR 12/10: East of Eden Discussion

FRIDAY 12/11: East of Eden Part III Quiz
-HW: Ch. 34-38

English 10 12/07- 12/11

MON: F451 Vocab. Assign. (Vocab Quiz Th. 12/10)

TUES: Read F451 pgs 14-24

WED: Computer Lab, Outside Reading Assignment #1- Due to THUR. midnight

THUR: F51 Vocab. Quiz, Read pgs. 24-31, F451 QW

FRI: Finish film, HW: F451 pgs. 31-41 (Reading Quiz Monday)