Thursday, December 17, 2009

CA Lit 12/14- 12/18

Mon. 12/14: Finish Part III Discussion, Read Ch 39-40

Tues. 12/15: Discuss Part IV, QW: Steinbeck's Prophecy #3 (1 full page response. Please include the quotation at the beginning of your QW)

Wed. 12/16: (early dismissal- short periods) Found Poetry Assignment on one East of Eden character. Must be at least ten lines.

TH. 12/17: Distribution of Cal Lit Trip Info and East of Eden Term Paper Assignment.

Fri. 12/17: Holiday Community Celebration

HW: Over break-
**Finish East of Eden (email Gaspy as soon as you finish :) )
**CA Field Work #4- due Monday, Jan. 4th
**Choose a topic for your term paper.

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